Fer a Cheval

Fer a Cheval Marseille Soap Cube


We are proud to bring this traditional soap made by the oldest Marseille soap maker in Marseille, France - click to read more: Savonnerie Fer a Cheval

Hypoallergenic and containing no fragrance, preservatives or animal additives, this multipurpose soap cube is made with 72% Olive Oil - respecting the tradition of Marseille soap production. It can be used on all skin types, even on eczema-prone skin. This is also safe for use during pregnancy

As a natural laundry detergent, this soap can be used to clean the most delicate of clothes, even baby clothes. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Now available in 3 sizes!

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Tradition of Marseille Soaps

For more than a thousand years, the French city of Marseille has been producing natural Olive Oil soap, known as Savon de Marseille. This was due to an abundance of olive oil, coconut oil and salt sourced from the Camargue region as well as the French colonies - which make up the ingredients of this gentle soap.

By French law, a genuine Marseille soap must contain 72% Olive Oil with no animal or fragrance additives. It is widely used in French households to clean anything from laundry to kitchen surfaces.

Look for the Savon de Marseille logo as a proof of authenticity!


A natural, hypoallergenic soap

The Marseille is 100% plant-based and does not contain any preservatives, synthetics or artificial fragrances It is also free of palm oil. Your skin is left well moisturised and soft after washing! 

Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly

Package and plastic bottle-free, you can embrace the zero waste lifestyle with the Marseille soap!

Value for money

Each soap is concentrated in plant oils and does not contain any water, making it a great cost effective swap from traditional body washes. 



Body bar: For daily use on body. Massage bar directly onto wet hands and skin. Keep the bar dry between each use.

Stain Remover: Wet the stain with cold water and rub the soap directly onto the spot. Leave it to absorb for a few hours. Lather it up with some water and wash off. Machine wash after if necessary. 

Dishwashing: This soap is a natural de-greaser, and can effectively remove traces of oil and leftover food stains. Unlike commercial dishwashing liquids, this soap will not dry out your hands after a long round of washing. 


Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil) , Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil) , Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide

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