Wood Pulp and Hemp Dish Sponge


Tired of throwing away plastic sponges every month? Replace them with these reusable dishwashing sponges made from natural wood pulp and hemp. An absolute must-have for any zero-waste home! 

A perfect addition to your zero-waste cleaning arsenal, this sponge helps to get into tight spots that our Bamboo and Sisal Brush or Bamboo Pot Brush can't reach without scratching delicate surfaces. 

Made without any dyes, bleach or glue.

Directions for use

Soft Cellulose pad: This soft and flexible side made from wood pulp helps to wash out grease and other food stains. 

Hemp pad: With a slight scrub, this side is suitable for gentle scouring of dried up food stains from delicate plates, pot and pans. It is gentle enough on non-stick coating. 

1. Wet the dish soap* and sponge

2. Rub the sponge onto the dish soap in circles to create some soapy lather

3. Use it to rinse out grease and other food stains. 

Suitable for all dishes, cups and cutlery. For tougher stains, we recommend our Bamboo and Sisal Dish Scrubber or Bamboo Pot Brush instead. 

*We recommend for this to be used with our Marseille Soap Cube

Care Instructions

Rinse sponges thoroughly after each use and sun-dry regularly. You may also put this in a washing net and pop it into the washing machine for a more thorough clean. Avoid leaving this submerged in water. With good care, each sponge will last between 5-6 months. 

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