Dear Papa Gift Set


This Father's Day, we have teamed up with award winning Chocolatier Fossa Chocolate to let Papa enjoy self-care with a tinge of sweetness! This gift set pairs good smelling bath goods with an artisanal bar of Vegan Chocolate - to pamper and show Papa that you appreciate him (and his dad jokes) 

The Gift Set

The set contains:

(Pls leave us a message at checkout or DM us on instagram if you wish to swap for another shampoo or soap dish colour!)

Ash Midi Solid Shampoo (30-50 washes)

A clarifying solid shampoo designed to remove daily grime and product build up from hair and scalp. Enjoy a deep cleanse with this recipe of detoxifying Activated Charcoal, Neem and Vetiver oil.

Marseille Olive Oil Soap in Classic Cube 100g

This multipurpose soap is made with 72% Olive Oil and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. This soap can be used also as a shaving soap to coat the skin and prevent razor cuts. 


Jet Black Soap Dish

Made of lightweight and durable silicone, the dish is slanted at a slight angle to allow full drainage of water, and allow for more efficient drying of the shampoo and soap.


Fossa Chocolate available in 3 Vegan flavours

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate// Made with hand harvested sea salt // Tasting notes: Creamy, full-bodied dark chocolate with sweetness brought out by a touch of sea salt

Sake Kasu Dark Chocolate // Made with sake kasu sourced from two craft breweries in Japan // Tasting notes: Umami & fruity with subtle sake aroma

Traditional Liu Bao (六堡 - Six Forts) Hei Cha Tea Chocolate // Made with a fermented blend of Yunnan leaves and local Wuzhou Guiqing middle-sized leaf cultivar // Tasting notes: Moist wood, hazelnut, jasmine

About Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate is a three-time award winning artisanal chocolatier based in Singapore. From roasting to refining, Fossa handcrafts all of their chocolates in small batches. To achieve the best quality in their chocolate creations, they work only with farmers who have dedicated their lives to the craft of cacao cultivation and fermentation. In their own words, through craftsmanship, they aim to bring forth the best flavours for your enjoyment.

You can discover more of their chocolates and story here

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