Organic Jojoba Oil


With a molecular structure very close to our natural skin sebum, Jojoba oil is an incredibly gentle and non-comedogenic carrier oil to add to your beauty pantry. It is jam packed with powerful nutrients, including vitamin E, vitamin B complex, copper, zinc, iodine, and other nourishing antioxidants and fatty acids. Suitable for all skin types!

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Jojoba oil is actually a wax ester with a molecular structure very similar to our skin's natural sebum. It is produced from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) plant.

It is pronounced as "ho-ho-bar" =)

Rich in antioxidants - Protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by pollutants and other factors

All-purpose skin softener and make up cleanser - From your face to your nail cuticles and hair, jojoba oil aids in replenishing moisture and is also effective in removing waterproof make up

Anti-bacterial - contains a high amount of iodine, which fights bacterial growth that can lead to breakouts

Non-comedogenic - It possesses a composition very close to our natural sebum, which reduces the likelihood of pore clogging.

Skin Type

All skin types


Jojoba oil can be used 100% pure on your entire body, or blended with other carrier oils. It can be used as a facial or body moisturiser, or as a make up cleanser. 

As a moisturiser: Pump 3-4 drops of Jojoba oil into your palm and activate it with body heat by rubbing your hands together for 5 seconds. Gently press your palms onto your face and neck. For your body, apply generously as needed. 

As a facial supplement: Pump 1-2 drops and mix the oil into your moisturiser. You can also use it before applying it as a foundation to your beauty regime. 

Make your own make-up cleansing rounds: First place cotton rounds into a container and measure 4 tablespoons of Jojoba Oil. Pour the oil over the cotton rounds and allow them to sit and soak at least overnight. To use, gently wipe over your face to remove makeup.

Our Source

Our Tamanu oil is 100% unrefined, certified Cosmos-Organic and cold-pressed on a farm in the South of France. Cold-pressed oils are made by extracting oil from seeds or nuts without adding chemicals or heat, and therefore tend to be safer for skin use. 

This carrier oil does not contain any added fragrances nor essential oils, and is safe for use during pregnancy. 


Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil