OASIS: Bamboo Soap Dish


Dry your soaps and shampoos on this 100% natural bamboo dish. 

This is super lightweight and easy to move around to wherever you need (windows especially!), and has a gently curved base to ensure efficient drainage of water. 

Can hold up to 2 medium sized shampoos or soaps up to 250g in weight.

Please note that bamboo is susceptible to mould and hence this is not recommended for your shower cubicle and other areas of high humidity. We recommend for this dish to be placed on a counter top where it is kept as dry as possible.

Bamboo Care Tips

Prevent mould and bacteria from lingering on your bamboo dish with these easy care tips. 

1) Prepare a solution of 50:50 White Vinegar and water.

2) With a natural bristle brush or old toothbrush, dip it into the solution and use it to scrub your bamboo dish

3) Rinse it clean and dry it with a towel. Sun-dry it for half a day to kill off any bacteria or mould. 

As an additional step, you can polish the bamboo with fractionated coconut oil (this is NOT virgin coconut oil which is much thicker). Just a thin layer to coat the dish will do! 

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