Happy Earth Farm

Happy Earth Farm: Organic Kaffir Lime Essential Oil


Packed with tangy goodness, Happy Earth's Organic Kaffir Lime Essential Oil features cold-pressed organic kaffir limes grown right on their farm in rural Thailand. 

Each bottle is lovingly pressed by hand from 5kg of Kaffir Lime PEEL (the skins, not the whole fruit!).  

Benefits of the oil

Stimulating scent notes - Elevates mood and reduces stress and anxiety levels

Insect repellent - diffuse in your room to ward off insects naturally 

Natural air purifier - Rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Clears airways

About the farm

It all began in 2005  with the birth of our daughter. That year we both decided to quit our jobs in resource management, forestry and alternative agriculture promotion at a local environmental NGO to start working at our family farm in rural Thailand. With our backgrounds, we understood how the organic and natural industry worked, and we saw an unsatisfied need for natural body care products. Hence, Raidindeejai or Happy Earth Farm was born.  In Thai, Raidindeejai means a farm with happy earth and so we try to keep our earth happy.  All products we make are 100% natural, and have no chemicals and no preservatives. Meanwhile we make sure that those who work for us are happy working, and part of the profit is put towards various community projects. Simply put, all our products are meant to be good for our community and yours, and the environment as a whole.

Read their story and see photos of their farm here

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