Vegan Beauty Starter Kit

$72.90 $90

Want to switch up your beauty routine to plant-based and not sure where to begin? Choose from our range of Beauty Starter Kits carefully designed for each skin type! Each of our kits contain our bestselling collection of handcrafted beauty products that are 100% natural, cruelty-free and best of all - refillable! 

This has a value of close to $90, and contains all you need for a glowing complexion! 

Choice of Beauty Kit

For more information on each product, please click on the link provided for each of them. It will open up a new window! 



For Normal/Combination skin

Your main gripes: T-zone oiliness with occasional breakouts. You are looking for something to balance your skin tone and increase overall radiance. 

Cleanse with Organic Spice Facial Bar

Tone with Organic Geranium Toner Mist 40ml

Moisturise with InstaGlow Brightening Beauty Oil 20ml

Detox with Brighten Clay Mask 32g (comes with a complimentary mask brush!)



For Dry/Tired skin

Your main gripes: Parched skin in desperate need for more moisture. You often feel tightness during the day and may experience peeling. You are looking to increase hydration in your skincare and delay signs of ageing. 

Cleanse with Organic Carrot Facial Bar

Tone with Hydrate Dewy Skin Treatment Mist 40ml

Moisturise with Oasis Essential Moisture Oil 20ml

Detox with Brighten Clay Mask 32g (comes with a complimentary mask brush!)



For sensitive/eczema-prone skin

Your main gripes: Redness and irritation. You seek something gentle to heal and strengthen your skin barrier. 

Cleanse with Organic Vanilla Facial Bar

Tone with Organic Damask Rose Toner Mist 40ml

Moisturise with Organic Argan Oil 20ml

Detox with Baby Soft Clay Mask 35g (comes with a complimentary mask brush!)



For oily/acne-prone skin

Your main gripes: Perpetual oiliness all over with persistent breakouts. You want something lightweight that will not clog your pores, and reduced outbreaks.

Cleanse with Organic Charcoal Facial Bar

Tone with Organic Witch Hazel Toner Mist 40ml

Moisturise with InstaGlow Brightening Beauty Oil 20ml

Detox with Detox Clay Mask 50g (comes with a complimentary mask brush!)


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