French Lavender Facial Toner Mist


If you are stressed out, you will need this relaxing mist made of freshly distilled Lavender! This contains fine Lavender grown in the South of France. Very gentle and safe to use for those with allergies, scent irritations, acne and rosacea. 

Suitable also as a pillow mist to help you sleep better at night. 

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What is it

This alcohol-free blend has been created out of 100% pure ingredients, harvested responsibly from nature. 

What it does

Besides its therapeutic fragrance, Lavender also possesses excellent healing and regenerative skin properties. Use this versatile mist to freshen up, moisturize and calm irritated skins. 

Suitable for pregnancy and nursing to soothe nausea and feelings of discomfort. 


Characteristic of Lavender

Skin type

All, including sensitive.


Organic Lavandula Augustifolia hydrosol, Purified water, Glycerin (plant-based), Leuconostoc Radish Ferment.

Steam Distillation, France

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